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Doula Offerings

Birth Doula Support

My job as your Doula is not to teach you the right way to give birth.

It's to help you find YOUR way to give birth.

As a doula I offer you personalised, continuous emotional, educational and practical support during your pregnancy, labour, birth and once your baby joins you earth side.

This journey into parenthood is exciting, exhausting, magical and overwhelming!

What I do is help you make sense of all the information out there, deep dive into your previous experiences, talk through your wants & needs and empower you to find YOUR OWN WAY!

I'm very big on prep during pregnancy and we go through birth choices, comfort measures, movement during labour, medical pain relief, birthing positions, feeding support, setting up postnatal care, partner involvement and so much more.

We would have numerous 1 on 1 sessions where we will prepare,

practice, learn, laugh and cry and everything in between.  

I am available to you via phone or email for emotional and practical support.


I am on call 24/7 for you from 38 weeks until the birth of your baby. 

I attend and support your labour and birth. I will provide reassurance and perspective; make suggestions for labour progress and assist with relaxation, massage, positioning and other techniques for comfort. 

I visit you and your family at your home once your baby is born where I again bring my emotional and practical support as well as some other treats which include delicious, nutritious meals & treats and support with your newborn.

If you would like to book a free chat with me to ask all the questions 

  click the button and let's chat!

Birth & Postpartum Doula Support

The Full Birth & Postpartum Doula Offering brings everything that the Birth Doula Support offers but we extend that support into the fourth trimester.

The fourth trimester is one of the most magical but also overwhelming times in a Mother's journey.

Postpartum Doula Care is about supporting you emotionally and practically so that you as a new mother can focus on your recovery and bonding with your baby.

This offering includes all the prep, labour and birth support as per my Birth Doula Offering and then extends into 4x postpartum visits in which I take care of you whilst you take care of your baby.

I assist in debriefing your birth and supporting you emotionally.

I provide educational support with feeding, bathing, sleeping.

I bring delicious, nutritious meals and treats.

I care for your baby whilst you sleep, shower, spend one on one with older siblings.

I help caring for older siblings whilst you feed. 

This offering is personalised to your needs as a family and if you would like to

have a free chat to find out more click the button.

Customise Doula Support

Every woman, every family is different and special.

Let's have a chat about your situation and your needs to come up with a customised

package just for you. 

Customised Support could be:

Ultimate prenatal support with personalised birth education and guidance 

putting together your Birth Preferences.


Planning a beautiful Caesarean Birth.

I truly believe that everyone deserves a doula.

It takes a Village.

Click below if you want to have a free chat about what Doula Support is right for you.


I am passionate about supporting the whole tribe.

 Mother, partner, new baby and siblings.

It takes a village.

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