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These kind words from the families I had the honour of walking alongside, pretty much melt my heart #imnotcryingyourecrying

"It’s taken me so long to write a testimonial because I just couldn’t put magic into words!

That’s what you are Bron, magic!


I came across BB’s page scrolling on Instagram early one morning when I had pregnancy insomnia. I was instantly drawn to her smile and vibe. After our initial phone meeting, I had butterflies in my stomach the kind you get on a great first date!! I knew she was the one!


Bron is incredibly warm, loving, supportive and basically a big nurturing hug just waiting to hold you. Anyone that is lucky enough to have Bron by their side is going to have such a positive, empowering birth experience. From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you enough.


You are more than a doula, you are an angel Bron, a big beautiful angel! Not only did I feel incredibly safe and supported throughout my whole birth experience but my husband did too. He was someone who wasn’t sure about having a “stranger” in the room but boy did he change his mind. He now says that this was the best decision we made!


This isn’t just a job for Bron, it’s a calling. Bronny you will forever hold a place in our hearts and I will continue to sing your praises. If I am ever blessed with becoming pregnant again you will be my first call!"

Carla C

Melbourne, Australia

“We are so grateful for the joy, calm and expertise you have brought to our lives Brony. You made my birth positive and possible and I am eternally grateful to you for the support, presence and perfect coaching you provided. Enlisting your help was the best decision I've ever made and I appreciate you and all you've done for us more than words can say. Also, damn, the postpartum food and drinks have been outrageously delicious and nourishing! Love you Brony"

Brooke R

Melbourne, Australia

"Doula BB is the best!!!

“I could not have done it without BB” is what I said to my friends when talking about my dream birth experience. After a very disappointing first birth (emergency c-section after a cascade of intervention at the hospital) I was really keen on rewriting my birth story the second time.


People around me recommended another c-section but I always believed that giving birth comes natural to women and I didn’t want to miss out on that in my life. So I set my mind on VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) and BB was the key to achieve my goal.


How did she help? The one-on-one preparation gave me all the knowledge about birth, the power that comes with it, the strength to believe in myself and what could happen at the hospital. Yes, I spent a fair bit of time preparing for birth but BB guided me through it and when the day came, I was mentally and physically ready. I knew that during labour I needed a woman on my side who isn’t from my social circle but who I felt strongly connected with and could trust. I needed someone who told me that everything is ok without panicking which my husband would have done and without unnecessary medical intervention.   Someone who believes that woman can give birth that it comes naturally and that the pain is there for a reason.

BB had the power to put all that in my mind during labour but also the strength to calm me during the difficult part of it. And when I thought that things had escalated, she was calm and gave me peaceful commands from the passenger seat of the ambulance on our way to the hospital. I almost had to give birth at home but I felt safe because of her.


She isn’t only mentally strong but also physically… very strong actually. My husband couldn’t come to the hospital with us (he was home with our eldest son and the support hadn’t arrived in time as my labour was very fast) so I was leaning full on on BB during pushing and she was there, holding me until my beautiful son slipped out… and I picked him up, put him on me and he sucked on my breast. It was the most powerful and beautiful experience; I had no idea how incredible birth could be. I was so happy that I gave birth naturally with no pain relief and that my baby was healthy.


Being a doula is BB’s calling, she is so passionate about it and so good at it. You've hit the jackpot if you can book her for your birth. And she isn’t only amazing at her job, she is also a positive, vibrant woman who you feel connected with straight away and want to be your best friend.


Good luck and all the best to all pregnant woman who are reading this."

Christine S

Melbourne, Australia

“I'm so grateful to have had the BB Magic: your nurturing/feminine/mother energy,  support and good vibes around me. I had an anxious pregnancy and you  helped me ease the stress and also were great support into the hospital setting.


I love how you think of all the little (but so nurturing) things like food, massages, affirmations and your time. I love your hip squeezes and your dedication to my birth experience.


I'm so glad we crossed paths, forever grateful for your help in bringing my baby girl earth side and in my arms xx Absolutely love and adore you xx anyone having you as birth support is so lucky :) "

Shay F

Melbourne, Australia

"Brony was our Birth Doula for our first child. I am so grateful that we placed our faith in her to help us through all the anxieties and adventures that came with it!

She helped us with questions and information before the birth and made sure we could come up with Birth Preferences that suited us. She was always there for support via phone calls and texts and visits in the lead up to the birth.

And, when the birth didn't go as planned; she was an incredible support, not just for me, but for my husband and family as well.

I honestly don't want to think about how my birth would have gone without Brony there.

She is incredibly kind and warm, and her presence in the room made everything much calmer, which meant that even though my birth didn't go as planned I was still able to welcome my son into the world the way I wanted.

I cannot recommend her enough."

Jess T

Melbourne, Australia

“I hired Brony as a Post Partum Doula following the birth of my third child and it was the best decision I made.

Brony was an exceptional support to me as I navigated life as a mother of 3 under 4yrs with a husband who was very busy with work.

She has a lovely, non-intrusive nature and was able to provide a holistic approach in caring for me, our newborn and two older kids. I believe that motherhood is one of the toughest, yet rewarding, journeys I have been on, and to have the support that a doula can provide is priceless.

Not only in a physical sense but mentally as well.

Thank you BB!"

Annelise C

Melbourne, Australia

"When I found out we were having twins the only thing I knew for certain was that I didn’t want their birth to be as traumatic as the birth of their big brother. I don’t know at which stage of my pregnancy I thought of hiring a doula but I’m so, so happy I did.

When I first met Brony I knew that I had made the right decision. She welcomed me with a massive hug and it felt like I was talking to an old friend.


Throughout the rest of my pregnancy Brony was always there: for information, chats, reassurance or just to encourage me on days that I struggled. She was there on the phone, in the middle of the night through several false alarms.

Brony was there in person at my labour, she helped me breathe through each contraction, kept me focused and occasionally we even shared a laugh. And when I had a caesarean birth and she couldn't be with me, she waited with my mum all through the night until she could again. Brony was there as I cried because my babies had to be taken to the Special Care Nursery at a different hospital. She was there during those difficult days after the twins’ birth and she was there the day the girls came home, for emotional and practical support.

I cannot recommend anybody more beautiful than Brony.

She is beauty, calm, radiance, happiness, wisdom and love personified."

Brooke H

Melbourne, Australia


"As first timers going through pregnancy, labour and birth, my partner and I wanted a doula by our side to help support us both and make us feel confident as we got closer to meeting our little man. Brony gave us this and so much more.


After our first meet up with Brony, we both felt so much relief knowing we were in safe and caring hands - my partner even said, “We’re going to be fine now we’ve got Brony, we just need to get sleeping and feeding sorted!” 

Brony kept touching base, checking in on us both and giving me the encouragement I needed as we got closer to the rough birth date. When I was in the early stages of labour, Brony came right over and I cried in her arms instantly feeling safe. She had me and my partner’s back throughout the whole three days (we really put her to the test!), guiding and supporting us both with so much love, affirming me endlessly and holding space for us with such strength. She was our guardian angel, our rock, our secret super power!


Brony helped to make our birth experience positive, magical and powerful - we’re so happy to have shared this sacred time with our beautiful doula, Brony."

Natalie K

Melbourne, Australia


"From the moment we first spoke I knew Brony was going to be a part of our journey. She is a breath of fresh air in this crazy world. As soon as she walks in the room you instantly light up.

Not only did she teach me how to birth like a boss but she taught me so much about being an amazing mum. Anyone who is lucky enough to have Brony as their doula is truly blessed."

Holly J

Melbourne, Australia


"I was lucky enough to be surrounded with the most beautiful village for the birth of our second daughter Tovia Bez and one of my biggest supporters was Doula BB.

(Due to Covid it had to be virtually)!


My first birth wasn’t at all what I envisioned and I was quite traumatised by the whole experience so I knew I had to mentally prepare myself and surround myself with the best crew going into my second labour. I couldn’t have done it without Brony, she always had time to listen to me and give me the best pep talks during pregnancy but especially during my (once again) very long early stages of labour.  She kept me focused and positive whilst contracting most nights for a week leading up to giving birth.

I had the most beautiful birthing experience and I did it by surrounding myself with an wonderful team of my amazing husband, my wonderful midwife, and my doula. 

I recommend her so highly. 

As she always says: everyone deserves a doula, but I say: everyone deserves Doula BB!"

Azelia P

Whangarei, New Zealand


"You are utterly amazing Brony!

Thank you for making me feel so listened to and loved in the lead up to my Caesarean Birth.

You were born to do this, thank you xx"

Toni C

Wellington, New Zealand

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